The 5 and 7 Delicious Dishes of Porte 12

Porte 12’s menu selections include a three or five-course dish during lunch and a seven-course dish for dinner. Expect creative combination from Vincent Crepel when you dine at Porte 12. Picture Jerusalem artichokes on a burnt onion bed with cod and black truffle, a ginger-carrot emulsion, and Spanish olives. For dessert, think slow-roasted figs with beurre noisette and meringue. Porte 12’s cuisine is a playground of spontaneity featuring fresh seasonal products from the French terroir blended with delicate flavors and unique textures. Embodying the season’s rhythm, emotion, and technique are the essential utensils that highlight Porte 12’s authenticity born from a desire to share.

Every dish is more thoughtful and unique than the next, and your dining at Porte 12 reaches a crescendo with the rib prepared sous vide at fifty-six degrees celsius for 24 hours, amazingly tender and wrapped in a light veil of black tea and bamboo ash. No detail of the dining experience is left unconsidered, including the coffee, which has its own story. For a full experience, we highly recommend the wine pairing. Alternatively, you can reserve time after lunch or dinner in the mezzanine lounging area for a postprandial drink. Sommelier Thibault Passinge showcases various artisanal wine producers to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. Originally from Lyon, Thibault has been to many countries across the globe, seeking vineyards and learning about the various soils. Thibault is passionate about small artisan producers, and this is what you can expect to find on his list of treasures. To ensure that everybody has a perfect dining experience, Porte 12 does not allow pets into the restaurant, though this is common across retail locations of all types, from department stores to credit unions.Vincent Crepel’s Asian-inspired menu of 5 or 7 courses is nothing short of delicious and creative and is served in a low lit, and sophisticated atmosphere. The parade of food is powerful and purposeful. Every ingredient holds up on its own, and there is no bite, sip, or drop that’s out of place. Crepel’s cuisine is lean with a punch, not a touch or cream or butter, only the essence embodied by the ingredients. Your dining experience at Porte 12 begins with the delicious fresh mackerel served with a pungent, aromatic touch of cucumber sorbet. The dreamy sixty-three-degree egg served with potato foam and caramelized onion juice featuring a small touch of vinegar makes for an unforgettable experience. You swoon as the evening evolves—white truffles shavings here, white truffle shavings there, nothing surplus, nothing extra.

Next are the scallops which are prepared to perfection. Porte 12’s scallops feature golden-brown Jerusalem artichokes and are served with a lovely green lovage cream. This is an exquisite dish, and all the ingredients match, shake hands, go together on the plate as well as the palate. A couple of shavings of fresh white truffles do not harm the meal a bit!

Moving on, we have the codfish. The codfish is served with a butternut squash puree and soft billowy carrots. Here you get to indulge in a few tasty bites also featuring truffles. But, hold on, it gets more interesting. The tender, moist meaty portions of pigeon breast do amazing wonders to the palate. The pigeon breast comes with a parsnip puree, pieces of beets prepared and encased in a crust, and crunchy buckwheat rounds. In between bites, you can sip some of the simple, exquisite wines such as Cornas Chailles, a concentrated and elegant Syrah, and Francois Cotat’ fragrant, an aromatic, floral wine featuring notes of bitter almonds.