Porte 12 – A World Class Dining Experience

The cheese course features a thin piece of cow’s milk Comte, served with a nice touch of sheep’s milk cheese, mild acacia honey puddle, and white truffle toppings. The cheese course is yet another instance of Crepel’s flawless blend of ingredients assembled on the plate, and it’s much like a beautiful dress or bespoke suit matched with the right accessories.

The finale features a delicious mousse au chocolate with chocolate crumble toppings and beet sorbet, which is a great way to finish dining with style. This dessert is so delicious that you will step into the street dancing to hymns of joy.

Another great thing about dining at Porte 12 is that you enjoy great music from legends such as Frank Sinatra, Bill Withers, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Amstrong, and Simon and Garfunkel. Like most of the latest modern restaurants, Porte 12 has managed to pull off an elegant restaurant with white-tablecloth standards without using white table cloths. The elegant Porte 12 atmosphere offers a high contrast to the recent bare bone decor ideas.

Porte 12 is a great dining choice for someone seeking an elegant dining experience in Paris. Tucked away from a warmly-lit corridor, the restaurant offers a private setting for a small group of up to 32 diners. The small number of guests ensures that every guest is paid attention to and receives a specialized experience. Although Porte 12 is more popular among fashion and design enthusiasts, the atmosphere is appealing to people from all walks of life. The corset-shaped lamps are easy on the eyes and provide ample lighting to the room while maintaining their purpose as elegant decor. The team at Porte 12 cares a lot about offering all guests perfect dining experience. Crepel’s unique three, five, and seven-course meals check all the boxes in terms of culinary delight and will ensure that the flavor lives on in your memory long after you dine at Porte 12. You do not need to worry about the wines because you are in safe hands with Porte 12’s sommelier Thibault Passinge. Thibault’s list of liquid delights has a little bit of something for everyone, so you will not have a hard time finding a bottle of great wine. Two important things to note are that Porte 12 doesn’t open on Sundays and Mondays, also to ensure that everybody has a delightful experience, the restaurant does not allow pets. All in all, Porte 12 offers a world-class dining experience in an elegant space suitable for a small crowd. So, if you’re in Paris and are exploring places to dine, hop in at 12 Rue des Messageries, Porte 12 awaits you!